Jim Crow Citizenship: Liberalism and the Southern Defense of Racial Hierarchy (Routledge, 2012)

Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters:

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Book Reviews:

Review of “Claiming the Union: Citizenship in the Post-Civil War South,” Journal of American History, forthcoming

Review of “Jefferson, Lincoln, and Wilson: The American Dilemma of Race and Democracy,” Journal of Southern History, Vol. LXXVIII, no. 4, November 2012

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Areas of interest:

American Political Thought, Liberalism, Race Theory, History of Political Thought, Social Theory, Continental European Political Thought, Philosophy of Science, American Political Development, Race and Southern History, Law and Society, New Orleans.

Projects in Progress:

“Neoliberalism as a Constraint on Black Empowerment: Economic Variation in Black Voting Behavior in New Orleans, A Pilot Study (with Allan McBride and Marcus Coleman)

“Tocqueville and the Ghost of Nat Turner: Race and Liberty in Democracy in America,” article

“The South’s Faustian Bargain: Race, Modernity, and Southern Agrarian Thought,” article

“‘Another Country’: Race, Subordination and Contract in American Political Thought,” projected book project examining the legacy of black abolitionist understandings of contract and free labor

“The Metropolis and American Democracy,” projected book project examining practices of citizenship among migrants (including immigrants) to American cities in the early twentieth century United States