Political Theory

I teach a wide range of Political Theory courses, from ancient to contemporary, at both graduate and undergraduate levels:


PS 321 American Political Thought

PS 420/520 Virtue and Desire: Ancient and Medieval Political Theory

PS 421/521 Constraint and Freedom: Political Theory in an Age of Discovery

PS 426/526 Capitalism and Democracy: Political Theory in the Face of Globalization

PS 721 Graduate Seminar in Political Theory (topics have included, Democratic Theory and Race and Political Theory)

Specific information about these classes can be found here.

American Politics

For many years I taught an Introduction to American Politics for the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College. The course entailed a four day trip to Washington DC where we met with a wide variety of political actors, both public and private.

I also teach Southern Politics: Race, Class, and Place, an historical and geographic approach to the study of Southern politics, emphasizing changes in racial and economic regimes.

American Studies

In 2014 I co-taught, for the first time, a course in American Studies titled Southern Migrations.  The course examined population movements out of, into, and within the South, tracing their impact on the economics, politics, and culture of the region as well as on the personal histories of the students in the class.  Co-taught with David Butler, whose training is in geography.